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导读:【最新】高二年级英语新人教版选修8课件:unit 2《cloning》learning,人教版精品英语资料(精校版)【学习目标】Enable the students to master some key words and expressions. 【重点难点】differ; undertake; pay off; cast down; object; obtain; forbid 【学习内容】 1. differ v. 不同

【最新】高二年级英语新人教版选修8课件:unit 2《cloning》learning
【最新】高二年级英语新人教版选修8课件:unit 2《cloning》learning

人教版精品英语资料(精校版)【学习目标】Enable the students to master some key words and expressions. 【重点难点】differ; undertake; pay off; cast down; object; obtain; forbid 【学习内容】 1. differ v. 不同;相异;使…..不同 【归纳拓展】differs from (= be different from) 与…不同 differ in 在…..方面不同 differs with B about/on/over... 与…..就…..意见相左 make a/ no difference to 对..有/无关系(影响) tell the difference between … and…..分清Their house differs from mine in having no garage. 他们的房子与我的不同,区别在于他们的没有车库。

The two sides still differ with each other over the question of pay.双方在报酬的问题上仍各持己 见。

【即学即用】 用适当的介词填空1) The two squares differcolour but notsize.2) The husband differsthe wifewho is to take charge of the money.3) It doesn’t make a differenceme whether you are going to stay.4) This is a different carthe one I drove yesterday.2. exact adj 准确的;确切的Tell us the exact time of the train to Beijing. 告诉我们到北京的确切时间 Watchmaking is an exact skill.钟表制造是一项精密技术。

【归纳拓展】to be exact 确切地说e exactly speaking 严格地说【即学即用】1)It happened late last century in 1895, _______ _______ _________.2)The ________ date of the event has escaped me. 3. undertake vt.(undertook; undertaken) 着手;从事;承担;保证,答应 【归纳拓展】

undertake sth. 着手/从事/承担某事 undertake to do sth. 保证/答应做某事 undertake that ...保证 undertake ...for 为… 负责 I can undertake the responsibility for the changes. 我愿意承担这些变革的责任。

The lawyer undertook a new case. 那个律师接了一个新的案子。

He undertook to finish the job by Friday. 他答应星期五之前完成这项工作。

【即学即用】 翻译句子 1)他下个月要去西部旅行。

___________________________________________________. 2)我不能保证按时做完它。

__________________________________________________. 4. pay off 还清(债务);得到好结果;取得成功All these weeks of studying will pay off when you take the exam. 所有那几周的学习都会在你考试时得到回报。

It took the couple ten years to pay off all the debts.这对夫妇花了十年的时间还清了所有债务。

【归纳拓展】pay ..back 还钱 pay sb sth for ..付钱给某人作为…的费用 pay for 支付;为…吃苦头 pay a visit to 拜访 pay attention to 注意 【即学即用】 1)我记得昨天还你钱了,但不记得确切数目了。

I remember _______ you _______yesterday, but forget the _________amount. 2)经过十年的艰辛,他们还清了债务,而且他们的付出得到了回报。

After ten years of hard work, they ______ ______ the debts and their efforts _______ _______. 3)这辆自行车花了他 400 元。

He _________ 400 yuan _______the bicycle. 5.cast (cast cast)扔;抛;投 【归纳拓展】 cast a shadow 投下阴影 cast off 丢弃; 抛弃 cast down 沮丧;不愉快 两次世界大战在全世界人民心中投下了阴影The two world wars cast a shadow over the world. 他找不到工作十分的沮丧。

He was much cast down by his failure to find work. 【即学即用】1) You’d better ______ _______ your bad habits.2) He was _______ _______when his suggestion was turned down. 6.object vi 反对,不赞成 n. 物体;目标objection n. 不赞成;反对;异议 【归纳拓展】object to sb./sth.不赞成某人/某事object to doing sth. 反对做某事object that ...反对have an objection to ... 反对¡-¡-raise/voice an objection 提出异议No one objected to the plan.没有人反对这项计划。

We object to being treated like this. 我们反对受到这样的待遇。

Why do some people object to human cloning? 为什么一些人反对克隆人类呢?Mother objected that Jimmy was too weak to take up the job. 母亲反对说,吉米身体太虚弱,不能承担那份工作。

The building is the main object of his interest. 他最感兴趣的是这栋建筑物。


We ______ _______ _________ a whole group for one person’s fault. 7. obtain vt. 获得;赢得 易混辨析obtain/acquire/gain/earn/achieve obtain意为“获得,买到”。

指通过努力或请求而得到,含有满足要求或得达到目的的意味, 用于正式语体中。

acquire意为“经过努力逐步获得才能、知识、习惯等,也可用于表示对财物等的获得”,强调 “一经获得就会长期持有”的含义。




He failed to obtain a scholarship. 他没有获得奖学金。

I finally managed to obtain a copy of the report. 我终于设法弄到了这个报告的副本。

We should try to acquire good habits. 我们应该努力养成好习惯。

He found it easy to earn extra money. 他发现赚点额外收入很容易。

But we can only achieve it together. 然而,只有共同奋斗才能实现它。

【即学即用】 完成句子 1) 那位新闻记者立即着手获取这些重要的事实。

The journalist immediately _______ _______ _______ _______ these important facts. 2) 知识可通过学习获得。

Knowledge can _______ ________ through study. 【课堂小结与反思】【课后作业与练习】 一.单词拼写 1. There are fifty-seven students in our class_________(总共) 2. We differ about ________(道德的) standards. 3.The chairman was quite familiar with the __________(程序) conducting a meeting. 4.The scientists have made many great_________(突破)in in the past .five years. 5.The movie 2012 was a great _________(商业)success. 6. The scientist _________(承担) the experiment. 7.Though the twins look alike, they ________(不同) in many aspects 8.His father is a fan of Peking ___________(京剧)。

9.In the second experiment they _______(获得)a very clear result. 10.________(确切)speaking, the train will arrive at 9:15 a.m. 二.完成句子 1.不要因工程中的一些失误而让自己沮丧。

Don’t let yourself be_______ _______by some failures in the project. 2. 他获了奖。

多年的耐心和辛苦终于有了回报 He won the prize. Years of patience and hard work eventually ________ _______. 3.许多村民反对在这个地区建电厂。

Many villagers ________ _______the building of a power station in this area. 4.因为他们来自不同的国家语言和风俗彼此有差异。

Their langue and customs _____ _____each other as they are from different countries. 5.我祖母 70 多岁了;我母亲和我不时去看望她。

My grandmother is over 70; my mother and I ______ _____ _____ to her now and then.